NASCAR Beginners Betting Guide 101 | Rules, Tips & Predictions
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How to Bet on NASCAR

The instinctual excitement that comes with the roar of an engine is one of the main draws to NASCAR. NASCAR is one of the top motorsport leagues in the world and it starts in February with Daytona 500 (also known as The Great American Race) which is the actual season. But did you know you can make money with NASCAR predictions? You just need to learn how to bet and pick the best betting site.

Betting on NASCAR 101

Prior to betting on NASCAR predictions it is paramount that you understand the schedule and rules. There are 38 races that take place in the course of 10 months. Some of the tracks will be used twice and others will be used once. Drivers will be competing for points and wins throughout the year. Points are awarded for winning and for other things like qualifying position, top 10 finishes and laps led. As you think about NASCAR predictions you have to remember that some of the rules don’t require a driver to win but rather finish at a certain position. That means they will not be as aggressive. Understanding this will come in handy as you place your bets.

Learning about the different types of NASCAR bets will help make real money. They include:

  • Odds to win the race

  • Top 5 or top 10 props

  • Heat to head props

Basic Rules, Tips and Reading Odds

It is pretty straightforward to bet on NASCAR. This is more so because the rules are to bet on the driver you believe will win. The odds for each driver are listed as fractions or moneyline format. If you are going with Kevin Harvick, for example, he may be listed as the betting favorite to win the upcoming Daytona 500 at 4 to 1. This can be listed as 4/1 or as +400. Regardless of how the odds are listed in a sportsbook, the rules are you will win four times your bet in this case. That is if you place a bet of $100 you will win $400. Understanding how the odds are listed and the NASCAR predictions is the key to increasing chances of winning. There are plenty of ways to increase the chances of winning. We recommend going to and introduce yourself to casino bonuses. These little coupons allow you to play for free and enable you to win even more because you can experiment more if you are depositing money. It's also a great way to get warmed up.

Another important point to remember is that elite drivers such as Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick will always be listed at the top of the board. Betting on these top drivers can help earn good money even when betting in an online casino. However, if you want the biggest payouts you have to find drivers lower on the betting board. The payouts are a lot higher.

As you gauge your NASCAR predictions it is good to always consider the past history as well as the recent form of the driver at the specific racetracks they will race on. Some drivers are known to excel at certain courses and struggle in others. Studying the racing history of the driver will help place better bets. Considering the driver’s recent form, on the other hand, will help separate the past perception from how he drives currently.

The best tip you can get on how to bet on NASCAR is to choose a sportsbook with care. Each sportsbook has its unique rules. Some will offer additional prop bets while others will release their lines much later. Taking time to compare the odds and rules helps find the best option. Never ignore the online casino. They offer great casino bonus to get you started with a great advantage.

Improve Your Strategy with Free Betting

The best way to improve your strategy is obviously to participate in free betting. You can do that in an online casino. Most of these casinos offer casino bonus to go with sports betting. The no deposit bonus allows you to expand your NASCAR betting knowledge without ever spending a dime.

Use the NASCAR Predictions & Increase Your Winning Odds

The best thing about betting on NASCAR predictions is that you can improve your chances of winning by using betting tips and winning odds provided by betting pros. Betting sites will help you better understand the rules and also help you confirm if you selected odds are good. The best news is you can get free NASCAR predictions even from a legal casino. The key is to keep your ear on the ground and always do your own research before relying on free odds.

The best place to try your luck on NASCAR predictions is in a casino. You don’t need to go to Vegas for this. There are so many online casinos you can use and benefit from loads of no deposit bonuses. Playing in such casinos help improve your strategy with free betting and also gives you a better chance to win real money. The rules here are much more favorable.

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